PYRAMIDS releases “NOW” by Eternal Showers

NOW is the eighth release out on the PYRAMIDS label, by an artist named Eternal Showers. Inspired by Hurricane Matthew? Well, I’ll choose to think it. NOW continues the PYRAMIDS trend of “ghost tech,” a particular type of skeletal, rhythmically-oriented blend of techno, garage, and old-school house music, occasionally featuring some crossover by British dubstep and dreampunk. NOW is a […]

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AUT2M – Introspection

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ AUT2M is a Dutch electronic producer whose debut for the Pyramids label is a seven-track trip though the tunnels of ghost tech. Now where most ghost tech is a bit darker, a bit more skeletal, Introspection has a bit more city-lights flair to it – like the difference between Radiohead’s The King of Limbs and In Rainbows. There […]

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AOTW | 3 October – 9 October: Penthouse Apartment – Y2K Millenium Nightclub

Here’s an interesting concept: an album that revolves around burgeoning communication technology at the turn of the millennium utilizing phone connectors, remixed modem sounds, and some of the bleakest-sounding techno this side of Berlin. Penthouse Apartment with Y2K Millenium Nightclub (sic) does exactly that. This release is the Sunbleach AOTW for its status as a precursor to the “ghost tech” […]

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