Cyber Dream Records releases “Source Reflection” by Rashida Prime

Not even two weeks off of releasing Damaged Interface, Rashida Prime is back with Source Reflection on the UK label Cyber Dream Records. This album is best described as an ambient ghost tech work; kind of similar to a downtempo version of I Am Chesumasuta, but with its own spacey, ambient techno-oriented bent. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download. […]

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Pyramids releases “Introspection” by AUT2M

The fifth album on Pyramids is out as of yesterday: Introspection by AUT2M. Introspection continues the general Pyramids theme of ghost tech, dreampunk, and nineties ambient electronica with black-and-white imagery. It’s a bit more downtempo than the other albums, with each of the seven tracks utilizing twinkling electronics underpinned by old-school rave beats (e.g. “The Abrupt Termination”). It’s available as […]

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Neetspeak releases “Home” by Lukepi

Released barely a few months after Soar on Question Records, Lukepi put out new music on the Neetspeak record label, titled Home. This eighteen-track album is, in Lukepi’s words, “is probably [his] strongest album ever.” It uses various tropes from ghost tech, ambient vaporwave, cinematic soundtrack music, dark ambient, and downtempo music in an hour+ long suite. It’s available as […]

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