Tekres releases “Found” by Kagami Smile

Kagami Smile has returned to Tekres with Found, their second release with the ghost tech label following the Asleep / Awake split with Subaeris earlier this February. The seven tracks of Found combine four-on-the-floor beats with dark ambient music, as are instantly noticeable on opening track “Fog”. Of note is the nearly twenty-five minute “Through”, which combines ghost tech with […]

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Pyramids releases “O​.​N. Global Tableau 44” by Subaeris

O​.​N. Global Tableau 44 is the first album from Pyramids since Guardian came out in December 2016. It’s released by Subaeris, who has been featured on labels such as Dream Catalogue, Nirvana Port, and BLCR Laboratories. O​.​N. Global Tableau 44 continues the project’s evolution from classic-style vaporwave and early dreampunk into the sinewy techno of ghost tech music, in which […]

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Tekres releases “Asleep / Awake” by Kagami Smile / Subaeris

Tekres is British label owned and operated by Halo Acid (previously featured on TKX Vault, among others). It primarily focuses on ghost tech music, a form of techno-inspired cyberpunk music; think of it as the IDM derivation of dreampunk, but with more inclinations toward noise and “experimental” flavors. Asleep / Awake is a split album featuring Kagami Smile and Subaeris, […]

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