Asura Revolver releases “New Pharma. New Remixes” by VHS Midnight Style

New Pharma. New Remixes. is a collection of remixes of VHS Midnight Style’s August 2017 releases New Pharma. New Vision., both available through the Norwegian label Asura Revolver. The original somewhat goofy mix of modern electronic music and vaporhop has been given the ghost tech and ambient treatment by ten different artists – including VHS Midnight Style himself. Featured artists […]

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TKX Vault releases “LOST: The Infernal Mixtape”

LOST: The Infernal Mixtape is a new featured release from Martin Smith (f.k.a. Chessmaster/Chesumasuta). It’s also the final album for TKX Vault, being billed with the catalogue number “TKX-END”. TKX Vault originally ran for fifty albums from 2014 through 2016 before closing with the release of Hong Kong Express. It was then re-opened for ten albums starting in mid-2017. This […]

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Antifur releases “Loathe” by Infinity Meter

Loathe is a brief, four-track EP from Infinity Meter and is now available through Antifur. Loathe is best seen as a remix-techno album, despite being released on a hardvapour giant. Opening track “Falling Forever” features distorted yet plaintive techno synths with autotuned male vocals with a simple drum machine beat. Recommended for fans of ambient hardvapour – maybe. It’s available […]

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