HVRF releases “hard^n” by Erohypnos

hard^n is new music from Erohypnos, available through the hardvapor label HVRF. This release is a bit of a parody of vaporwave and hardvapor styles. For example, track three samples and references the (in?)famous ▣世界から解放され▣ by INTERNET CLUB, and each track title pokes fun at the aggressiveness of hardvapor. hard^n amplifies the dark ambient and noise influences within vaporwave, with […]

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Here’s some… wait, is that vaporwave on “bone”? On HVRF?!?! ALODIA is a four-track EP of hardvapor and (I guess?) vaporwave by the pseudo-anonymous artist EARTH SOUNDS. All four tracks don’t even hit two minutes, and they have a rather wispy, jazzy feel with loud production reminiscent of hardvapor music. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download. Check it out […]

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