Seikomart releases “カルマ – KARMA” by yugen-ue

カルマ – KARMA is a fun hypnagogic full-length from yugen-ue, a new vaporwave artist from Michigan. Available through the Japanese label Seikomart, カルマ – KARMA incorporates relaxed hypnagogic remixes of extant pop and contemporary music with all-Japanese titles. カルマ – KARMA is firmly based in vaporwave samplism, with several tracks that focus on simple loops of earworm melodies. Choice tracks […]

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DMT Tapes FL releases “Subscription Feed .MP4 Boardwalk Epistemology” by Orlando Turnpike— Celebration

Subscription Feed .MP4 Boardwalk Epistemology is a super surreal trip into hypnagogic drift that discusses universal epistemology through vaporwave samplism. It’s from Orlando Turnpike— Celebration on DMT Tapes FL, which is probably one of the most non-committal names to release an album like this. Tracks start off with an excited spoken word rumination on existence that gives way to extreme […]

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Shikuramen Garden releases “Cursed Things” by First Kings

Cursed Things is a compilation by First Kings comprised of two EPs (Stigmata Scenes and Filth Triptych) and several previously unreleased tracks. The tracks are mostly presented in order of release. The music on Cursed Things is best described as a mix between vaporgoth, dreampunk music, and ambient techno. It has the distinct, dark vibe of vaporgoth with many exceptionally […]

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