Pizza Beast releases “I’ll Miss You, Starship One” by .mp3Neptune

I’ll Miss You, Starship One .mp3Neptune’s follow-up to I Love You, Saturn City, which was originally released in 20XX. This album continues where the previous one left off, being composed of hypnagogic edits of adult contemporary and pop music with breakbeat percussion and tons of ambient influences. Lots of ambient vaporwave albums try to hit the “drifting in space” milieu, […]

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Geometric Lullaby releases “Огляд погоди на каналі 8 – テレビ天気” by Kanal 8 / Yodobashi Camera ヨドバシカメラ

Огляд погоди на каналі 8 – テレビ天気 is a split release on Geometric Lullaby that features the artists Kanal 8 and Yodobashi Camera ヨドバシカメラ. Both artists provide twelve short tracks each. Kanal 8’s side of the album is underwater-sounding ambient vaporwave, whereas Yodobashi Camera ヨドバシカメラ’s is classic-style vaporwave with severe bit-rate degradation. Both albums were previously released – the former […]

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Junk Maker Sounds releases the “VAPORWAVE IS DEAD VOL. 2: LEGALLY DEAD” compilation

Junk Maker Sounds’ VAPORWAVE IS DEAD series takes its name from the infamous Vaporwave Is Dead album by Sandtimer from the end of 2015. LEGALLY DEAD is the second volume in the series, and it comes today in celebration of JMS’ first anniversary. This release is thirteen tracks from thirteen artists and friends of the label such as TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL, b […]

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