Occasionally Tapes releases “Dissipation of Reality” by ゾンビ

Dissipation of Reality is a five-track EP of real-time software and hardware-bending performed by ゾンビ, out on Occasionally Tapes. Each song is a strange mix of hypnagogic drift and glitch music, using elements of vaporwave-style samplism but in ways that are entirely wrung out of their original context. Generally speaking, the songs have an ambient quality – most typified by […]

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Occasionally Tapes releases “Streaming Problems” by Untitled Quota

Yesterday, Occasionally Tapes brought us new music via Untitled Quota. The album is called Streaming Problems, which takes a more uptempo approach to ambient vaporwave. There are several microsample tracks a la Infinity Frequencies, in addition to longer (relatively speaking) tracks. There are elements of dark ambient and late night lo-fi as well. The release is currently available as a […]

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Occasionally Tapes releases “Edit / Delete” by Holographic Technologies

North Carolina label Occasionally Tapes’ inaugural release is Edit / Delete by Holographic Technologies. The album is classic-style vaporwave with some influence from the signalwave/broken transmission stylings of fuji grid tv and Infinity Frequencies. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $6 USD on lavender cassette in an edition of twenty. Check it out below:   Edit / […]

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