Online Records releases “Our Children’s Future” by Painter

Online Records is back with more experimental vaporwave and vapornoise: the current release is Our Children’s Future by Painter. Ominous? Perhaps! The release is a single long-form track of highly abrasive textures that include screwed sitar music, low bass rumbles, cavernous electronica, and distorted classical soundtrack. It evokes a world as glitched and distorted as that depicted in the album […]

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Online Records double release: “™FAR” by Hantasi and “Scuba Cult 1: Gods” by Scuba Cult

The last two days saw two releases from netlabel Online Records: ™FAR by Hantasi and Scuba Cult 1: Gods by Scuba Cult. Both albums follow the experimental vaporwave/electronic music and drone music bent of Online Records. The Hantasi album has two tracks, the first of which is an a capella ECCOJAMS song and the second is best described as a […]

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Online Records releases “Hypotext Prototrans” by MAECEAM

Online Records’ newest album is the ECCOJAMS/vapordrone mix of Hypotext Prototrans by MAECEAM. This album is several tracks of extremely glitched-up nano-samples that achieve the auditory equivalent to semantic satiation, where those samples begin to make no sense due to the sheer amount of repetition. It’s available for $1 USD as a digital download. Check it out below:   Hypotext […]

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