Online Records releases “MAT’S WORLD” by mat & alx

Online Records returns with more experimental noise/drone music and musique concrete, this time with MAT’S WORLD by mat & alx. This album is constructed a bit differently from earlier releases from Online Records, which are usually mastered as single long-form tracks. In comparison, MAT’S WORLD is almost normal – although the music is far from such – in being eleven […]

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Online Records releases “EURO MIX” by NEURO

Online Records returns again with their next long-form release, this time consisting of the tape collage/musique concrete experiments of their early days. EURO MIX by NEURO is structured somewhat like a mixtape that samples tons of techno and electronic music effects with the severe degradation and pitch-/tempo-screws that is characteristic of classic-style vaporwave production styles. Expect lots of static and […]

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Online Records releases “⌢⌢▬▬⚋⚋⬛⚋⚋▬▬⌢⌢” by ⬛

Online Records is back with a new album with utterly unpronounceable usage of alt-codes. ⌢⌢▬▬⚋⚋⬛⚋⚋▬▬⌢⌢ by ⬛ is a single track of ambient/dreampunk music. It marks another recent release from Online Records that demonstrates a further change from the tape collage, noise, and musique concrete that typified their pre-hiatus releases. Recommended for fans of long-form ambient music, such as that […]

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