Seikomart releases “US Golf 95 x P A T H S パス” split by US Golf 95 / P A T H S パス

Seikomart released a new split album on Saturday featuring ambient/hypnagogic vaporwave artists US Golf 95 and P A T H S パス. US Golf 95 is perhaps bets known for his debut self-titled album in 2015, which was composed as an imaginary soundtrack to the eponymous mid-90s golf game (and was also the first album ever featured on Sunbleach). P […]

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No Problema Tapes reissues “ビジョンログ: Part 1 & 2” by P A T H S パス

Chilean label No Problema Tapes has reissued the first two installations of the ビジョンログ series of works by P A T H S パス on cassette and as digital downloads. These releases (which began earlier this year) consists of roughly half-hour tracks that cycle through quite surreal vaporwave that prominently uses looping and mid-range production. Recommended for fans of telepath’s […]

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Elemental 95 releases “ビジョンログ: S T A I R W A Y” by P A T H S パス

P A T H S パス is back with the second installment to his hypnagogic drift series of long-form, single-track albums; kind of like a more classic-style vaporwave approach to telepath’s 仮想夢プラザ project. ビジョンログ: S T A I R W A Y is twenty-nine minutes of reverb and cycling synthesizers. As with the rest of the ビジョンログ series, there are […]

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