Power Lunch releases “Please Remain in the Relaxation Grotto” by 위스키ᴸᵗᵈ

This isn’t the first album from 위스키ᴸᵗᵈ this month, and at this rate it won’t be the last. Please Remain in the Relaxation Grotto is an eight-track full length in about a half hour that explores classic-style vaporwave influences with a distinct high-frequency level of production. Please Remain in the Relaxation Grotto runs the gamut from INTERNET CLUB-inspired hypnagogic pop […]

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Oh no hahahahahah. PERESTROIKAWAVE by NEKOSHOGUN is a new release of classic-style vaporwave from Power Lunch. The album takes an exceptionally lo-fi and distorted take on classic-style vaporwave tropes, utilizing a ton of bit rate and tape transference decay with lots of pitch-/tempo-shifting. The result on many tracks is that the music sounds as if it’s being played in an […]

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Power Lunch releases “Now Is for Happiness” by mew_t8

Here’s another new EP available through the Power Lunch label these past few weeks: Now Is for Happiness by mew_t8. It’s six tracks of slowly evolving hypnagogic drift whereby short melodies are given more reverb and layered samples through the track’s duration – sort of like a vaporwave-Bolero Effect. Choice track is “¢µlt ßrêåth “. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want […]

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