Parasite – Dreams That Cast the Deep Web

Recommendation: ☹ Dreams That Cast the Deep Web comes from Parasite, an anonymous artist who – according to the RKM Records blurb – submitted this album with no further information. It’s two tracks of vaporgoth music that consist of extraordinarily pitch-/tempo-shifted samples taken from a Japanese promo for the Sega Dreamcast.1 There’s almost nothing in the way of standard musicality […]

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RKM Records releases “お友達!” by Samasukuru

Samasukuru has had a productive last few weeks. Coming only recently off of a split on Evaporated Sounds, the artist now has お友達! available on RKM Records. It’s a six-track extended-play of future funk music that heavily samples Japanese voices and exclamations with disco-ish music. The release is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download. Check it out below:   お友達! […]

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RKM Records releases “Plastic Glasses” by Paradox Whispers

Plastic Glasses is a single forty-two minute track by Paradox Whispers, a member of the RKM Records family. This album exercises the extreme end of the (dark) ambient vaporwave spectrum, being a steadily-evolving drone piece. While not as brutal as Sacred Frequencies or as understated as 夢が制限されています, Paradox Whisper is a pretty demanding release simply in how quiet it is […]

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