DMT Tapes FL releases “Made” by Hudson Primitive / 「サンセット Network❾❶」

Made is the 100th release of “Season 4” of DMT Tapes FL! This is a split releases between Hudson Primitive and 「サンセット Network❾❶」, the latter of which has been a constant force on DMT Tapes FL and other classic-style vaporwave labels. Hudson Primitive provides six tracks of chill classic-style vaporwave; 「サンセット Network❾❶」, seven of late night lo-fi that’s seriously romantic. […]

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Pool House Ltd. releases the “Summer Vapors Vol. 3” compilation

Summer Vapors Vol​.​3 is the third part of the Summer Vapors series of compilation albums released by Pool House Ltd. to celebrate the beginning of summertime. Release at the beginning of May, Summer Vapors Vol​.​3 is twenty-four tracks that features a variety of old-school vaporwave subgenres such as classic-style, sample curation, vaporhop, and hypnagogic drift. Featured artists include 空手王, FANAX, […]

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