AOTW | June 20 – June 26: Infinity Frequencies – Computer Death

The fourth album-of-the-week on Sunbleach is Computer Death by Infinity Frequencies, the first of the Computer trilogy1. It is one of the most successful of the signalwave subgenre, and it primarily uses samples of classical music and downtempo funk/elevator music instead of the smooth jazz and R&B popular within classic-style vaporwave. It’s haunting and quite beautiful, and there isn’t much […]

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Midnight Television – Midnight Television [EP]

Recommendation: ☀☁☁ Midnight Television is one of the original artist in the subgenre known as “late night lo-fi.” Contrary to (faux-)utopian, ECCOJAMS, futurevisions, and other such scenes, late night lo-fi utilizes a mix of musical and non-musical samples while presenting them in a distinctly apolitical light that contains little of the commentary or self-parody common within the scene. Albums here […]

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骨架的 – Reflections

Recommendation: ☀☁☁ Reflections follows much of the same styles of 骨架的’s previous effort Holograms. Tracks are almost entirely smooth jazz and easy listening samples with minimal processing, with the exceptions of minor pitch-shifting and delay. Track lengths range from the artist’s characteristic sub-minute microsamples (e.g. “subway,” “more memories”) to some of the longest excursions in 骨架的’s discography (e.g. the suitably-named […]

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