Seikomart releases “Fluidic Space” by First Kings

Fluidic Space is a new cinematic album of vaporwave-inspired sounds from First Kings. This album comes from Seikomart, which is part of the Sud Swap Audio Brewing family of labels (also including Botanica1) and through which First Kings released Criminal Acts in March 2017. This release features eight tracks of spacey ambient music with influence from dreampunk and early-90s sound […]

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Seikomart releases “the mind’s eye 空” by minddrive

Seikomart returns to its classic-style roots with the mind’s eye 空 by minddrive, who’s also released on Kaiseki Digital. This is a straightforward, old-school rendition of vaporwave as it was in 2011, with a whole bunch of short tracks that elicit that mindless nostalgia of the 80s and early 90s. Recommended for fans of computer slime and 骨架的. It’s available […]

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Seikomart releases “SACRED CODES” by Divine Circumference

Divine Circumference is a collaboration between vaporwave producers La Santisima 死 and めんどりnegra. SACRED CODES is an eclectic mix of vaporgoth and hypnagogic drift that’s available through Seikomart. This is part of a joint release with sister label Botanica1, which released Roads Less Taken by the duo in late May 2017. Both albums are collections of “early unreleased” music produced […]

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