Crystaltone double release: “Dreams Love Chaos City” by Subaeris and “コネクション” by ポリフォニー

Here are two new albums from Crystaltone to help celebrate the recent Thanksgiving weekend. Dreams Love Chaos City is new music from an HKE project called Subaeris, which primarily utilizes polyrhythmic hip-hop, trap music, and dreampunk to create cyberpunk cityscapes. コネクション is by ポリフォニー, which is almost certainly a telepath project or at least an extraordinarily good imitation of him. […]

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Subaeris – Transcendent God

Recommendation: ☀☀☁ The penultimate album on Nirvana Port, Subaeris’s eleventh full-length release is cyberpunk breakbeat.1 The first four are short, uptempo songs that somewhat foreshadow ghost tech – which makes sense in chronological context, as Transcendent God was released only a few months before HKE unveiled the all-ghost tech Pyramids label. The final one – “Prelude to Transcendence” – is […]

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