Sunset Grid releases “Eins zu einer Million” by Kanal Vier

This week’s album from Sunset Grid is a new full-length from Kanal Vier titled Eins zu einer Million. It’s a twenty-two track broken transmission album that distinguishes itself by sampling from German media sources instead of anglophone or Japanese sources. Tracks are slightly pitch-/tempo-shifted and start-and-stop at random moments, much like albums from ghosting, INTERNET CLUB, and Infinity Frequencies. Choice […]

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Sunset Grid releases “collected fears” by SENDAI TENNIS

Kicking off Sunset Grid’s October 2018 release schedule is a new ambient release from SENDAI TENNIS. The album collected fears is eight tracks of long-form ambient that incorporates some synthesizer distortion and long, clear tonal music. Choice track is “APPEARANCE”. Recommended for fans of Empire by R0x5ry. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download. Check it out below:   collected […]

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Sunset Grid releases “Cultural Industrial EP” by 世界は80年代に終了しました

世界は80年代に終了しました’s new album is marketed as an EP, but it’s really not in presentation. Newly available through Australian label Sunset Grid, the Cultural Industrial EP features lo-fi samples of “home video entertainment”, synth music, and bumpers. This makes it something of a cross between hypnagogic drift and broken transmission, with tracks like “Beta Maximus” applying classic-style vaporwave techniques to a […]

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