Aurawire releases “Where” by Streymoyer

Streymoyer, an artist whose new release Where straddles the line between ambient vaporwave and ambient synthwave. (In retrospect, it should be obvious how easily that line could/should be blurred.) Where is newly out on the Aurawire label, which generally focuses on progressive forms of electronic music within the old-school digital aesthetic. Where features some sampled material pitch-/tempo-shifting much in the […]

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Sunset Recordings releases “Gesture Life” by David Busch

Sunset Recordings (not to be confused with the vaporwave label Sunset Grid) is a Minnesotan label that releases all kinds of retro-styled genres of music such as vaporwave, synthwave, and retro-synth music. Gesture Life is a new retro-synth release from one David Busch, and it’s a purely blissful release of shimmering synth music and drum machines. Recommended for fans of […]

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Business Casual releases “Everyday Emotions” by ASSONANCE

In literary criticism, “assonance” refers to the repetition of vowels sounds, often at the beginning of words. Like, oh, “Everyday Emotions“. This release mixes vaporwave with trap, club music, garage, and samplism for an exceptionally eclectic (oh look more assonance) release that includes samples from Wii Sports and other more nameless sources. Future funk for a weird era? Choice track […]

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