Vektroid self-releases “Seed & Synthetic Earth”

Six months after Nextcentury and Vektroid has returned with a new full-length called Seed & Synthetic Earth. This nine-track album continues Vektroid’s explorations of glitch-influenced electronic music with lots of jump-cut aesthetics and polyrhythmic/polysamplic compositions. “Hard Toys” features an appearance by Siddiq, a rapper with whom Vektroid previously collaborated on August 2016’s Midnight Run. Recommended for fans of recent output […]

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Somber Rhombus – VR_Sip

Recommendation: ☀☁☁ VR_Sip is a six-track EP from Stoic Parallelogr- I mean, Somber Rhombus. VR_Sip came out in November 2015 on Advanced Materials, a Louisiana label notable for releasing vaporwave, ambient, and drone releases inspired by cyberpunk culture. Most of these albums have a somewhat dark-tinge to them as originally connoted by the work “cyberpunk”- after all, Neuromancer and Blade […]

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Orange Milk Records releases “Daily Sound Collection” by dok-s project

Wow, that artwork makes me uncomfortable. Daily Sound Collection is a new experimental electronica release on Orange Milk Records from the artist dok-s project. It’s a ten-track album that utilizes downtempo music, glitch, and progressive electronica. Recommended for fans of Garden of Delete by Oneohtrix Point Never. It’s available for $7 USD as a digital download and for $9 USD […]

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