Collapsed Structures releases “Utopia” by Night Terrors

Remember when hardvapour was a thing? Man, that feels like forever ago – doesn’t it? Only two or three years have passed! Utopia by Night Terrors is not hardvapour, but it gets pretty close to the similar pseudo-industrial milieu – especially compared to artists like Halo Acid. Available through the Collapsed Structures label, Utopia is a four-track EP that consists […]

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Antifur releases “Loathe” by Infinity Meter

Loathe is a brief, four-track EP from Infinity Meter and is now available through Antifur. Loathe is best seen as a remix-techno album, despite being released on a hardvapour giant. Opening track “Falling Forever” features distorted yet plaintive techno synths with autotuned male vocals with a simple drum machine beat. Recommended for fans of ambient hardvapour – maybe. It’s available […]

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Bogus Collective releases “Button Your Fly” split by Preston Waters / Bernie Glomax

Button Your Fly is a split mini-album between Preston Waters and Bernie Glomax, available through Bogus Collective. This release features one track by each artist that’s produced in the way of a vaporwave jam session. Both tracks open with a vaporwaev/techno redux that delves into house music and classic-style vaporwave. It’s a pretty eclectic album that has a lot of […]

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