Henry Wong – H Trials 7.2: Slurqpe+

Recommendation: ☀☀☁ Henry Wong is a… actually, that’s a good question. Who the fuck is Henry Wong? Along with Keito Shimuguchi, it’s likely that Henry Wong is an alias of HKE (or another close collaborator), but “alias” is a bad way to put it. The characters of Henry Wong, Keito Shimuguchi, Television Experience, etc. are better defined as just that: […]

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Penthouse Apartment – Trump

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Believe it or not, TKX Vault once had a late night lo-fi vaporwave release – and one themed around Donald Trump! Trump was released on 8 August 2015 through the Dream Catalogue imprint, which primarily catered to experimental works that weren’t entirely fitting on the parent label. By this time, classic-style vaporwave was on its way out for […]

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TKX Vault releases “X​-​5AS482” by Unknown Data and “Facechain” by Infernal Demon Keito

Two releases from TKX Vault in as many days. The first is X​-​5AS482 from Unknown Data (possibly related to the Unknown Artist and Unknown Forest projects?). This release if four tracks of extremely lo-fi and low-volume garbled transmissions that sound like a field recording made with a barely-functioning tape recorder. The second is Facechain by Infernal Demon Keito, a project […]

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