Botanica1 releases “culture elixir” by osany1n_

osany1n_ has a new release called culture elixir available through Floridian label Botanica1. culture elixir is a two-track EP of vaporgoth/ambient vaporwave music akin to releases by Divine Circumference (another Botanica1 artist) – which is fitting, seeing as how both projects involve vaporgoth artist La Santisima 死. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download. Check it out below:   culture […]

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Seikomart releases “SACRED CODES” by Divine Circumference

Divine Circumference is a collaboration between vaporwave producers La Santisima 死 and めんどりnegra. SACRED CODES is an eclectic mix of vaporgoth and hypnagogic drift that’s available through Seikomart. This is part of a joint release with sister label Botanica1, which released Roads Less Taken by the duo in late May 2017. Both albums are collections of “early unreleased” music produced […]

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Seikomart releases “Size L” by patâgoniå

patâgoniå returns to Seikomart with a new installment of their long-running series modeled around Patagonia (as in the company) apparel. Size L is a six-track mini-album that of hypnagogic drift and classic-style vaporwave – far from the mallsoft that one might initially expect from a corporate-themed project. Two tracks (“34 – 36” and “33”, referencing American clothing sizes) exceed nine […]

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