BLCR Laboratories releases “Nine Musics on a Broken Heart” by Imogen M

The first July release of BLCR Laboratories in the USA is Nine Musics on a Broken Heart by Imogen M. Upon first listen, this album is rather uncategorizable: it vacillates among classic-style 2010/2011 vaporwave and proto-vapor, ambient/dreampunk, and early Oneohtrix Point Never electronic soundscape. There are downtempo elements, but less chillout and more surrealism. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital […]

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王阳明 – 屯蒙

Recommendation: ☀☁☁ 王阳明 is a music producer based in Beijing, China; whose albums revolve around the concept of Chinese traditional philosophy and literature as described in the Book of Changes. There are sixty-four hexagrams within the Book, which are either “broken” or “unbroken” (a parallel to yin and yang) and are divided into an upper and lower trigram. Each trigram […]

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Chinese Hackers – ░▒▓死▓▒░ [EP]

Recommendation: ☀☁☁   ░▒▓死▓▒░1 is the third release by Chinese Hackers, a New York City artist also known as クルトPropane. Self-described as “vaporgoth,”2, ░▒▓死▓▒░ is a mix of dark ambient, industrial music, and vaporwave. Each track utilizes the extreme digital-corruption aesthetic that is common within the vaporwave scene, but with a funereal tone that is similar to the post-Internet music […]

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