Gulf Audio Company releases “プラネットネオ東京” by Ohm-N-I

Alabama label Gulf Audio Company got their start in releasing vaporwave albums, mostly old-school/classic-style, but they’ve since opened up to a variety of other retro-inspired genres of music. プラネットネオ東京 is a new album from Ohm-N-I. It is a mix of vaporwave, retro-synth music, and synthwave, featuring synth-driven progressions and spoken word. It’s heavy with distorted keyboards and futuristic-sounding effects. Choice […]

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Bogus Collective releases “Akashic Information Hijacking​.​exe” by エイリアンsubstance

Combine vaporhop, dub music, and classic-style vaporwave; then you’ve got Akashic Information Hijacking​.​exe by エイリアンsubstance. This release is now out on Bogus Collective, which also dropped a classic-style vaporwave and a dark ambient album shortly afterwards, to give you a hint of how eclectic this label can be. Akashic Information Hijacking​.​exe is mostly downtempo grooves with a rather understated production […]

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Seikomart releases “Revolution™” by New Coke

New Coke is one of the Seikomart label’s main projects. New Coke ostensibly follows the life of an unnamed female protagonist whose visage adorns all of the artist’s covers. Revolution™ is a nine-track, sub half-hour release of vaporhop/vaportrap music. It utilizes lo-fi, slushed-up samples of hip-hop music and adds clear trap beats on top, creating a juxtaposition between sampled and […]

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