Basement Tapes releases “Lasagna Boi” by jj

Lasagna Boi is the newest release out on Basement Tapes, a record label based out of Oklahoma, USA. The album’s sixteen tracks consist of short hip-hop influence edits of soundtrack and adult contemporary sources, similar to (but a higher-quality production than) Contact Lens. Give this plunderphonics vaporhop a try if you like your music in smaller portions. It’s available as […]

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Unchill Records releases “Purple Diary” by Rosewood Queen

Unchill Records’ first album of the year is Purple Diary by Rosewood Queen. It’s entirely unlike anything in the label’s previous discography, merging together hardvapor, ambient music, and dub music (e.g. “COLD VISION (feat. BWM)”). The production is sharp and songs balance groove and headiness; “MELROSE FANTASY (feat. Jesus Selin)” has a Synchronicity-era The Police vibe to it with the […]

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Sunset Grid releases “Zones” by Channel Surfing

Sunset Grid has new music from Channel Surfing titled Zones. This release is a strange mix of classic-style vaporwave, broken transmission, and vaporhop for a weird concoction that simply doesn’t have a tag. The opener track lo-fi samples the Star Wars theme before launching into hyfy cyberpunk music with reverbed, wordless vocals. “Hourly Arrival” has a digitized male voice repeating […]

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