Online Records releases “inhibition” by the incorporeal voyeur

inhibition is quintessential Online Records. OR releases a variety of vaporwave albums – especially since the new year began – but they got their start by releasing experimental vaporwave works that heavily featured musique concrete, noise, and lowercase/ambient work. inhibition by the incorporeal voyeur returns to precisely that third milieu, incorporating extreme ambient almost to a John Cage level. Turn […]

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DMT Tapes FL releases “CONE•ZONE” by Hantasi

Hantasi is one of the artistic directors (that’s really the best way to put it) of Online Records alongside claudia. They’re also extremely active outside of OR, releasing many albums on a variety of different labels such as DMT Tapes FL, for which CONE•ZONE was released. This four-track, hour-long release is filled with vapornoise/vapordrone. Hantasi takes extant media and original […]

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Online Records releases “DIY Windsailing Raider of Sci​-​Fi Desert Technology, love you too x” by new age sci-fi desert roamer raider

Now that is the Online Records I know from the early days. A half-insane album title and artist name to boot, playing up the pseudonymous nature of the label to the extent where I honestly am not quite sure who is who and if they’re all just from label heads Hantasi and claudia or if there’re actually more artists. DIY […]

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