Sunset Grid releases “Soul System Crash” split release by ☒ / Chemical Hypnotist / b l u e s c r e e n / ΔCID.rar

Sunset Grid just release a four-way split between vaporwave and vaportrap artists ☒, Chemical Hypnotist, b l u e s c r e e n, and ΔCID.rar. Each artist has three tracks, with each side (if you consider digital releases as having sides) having one track from each. The songs are all vaportrap and vaporhop music, satisfying the cravings of […]

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Sunset Grid releases “SIN HYMNAL” by PZA

Vaportrap artist PZA has made his rounds with a ton of releases over the past couple of years; his next is SIN HYMNAL, which is available through Australian label Sunset Grid. This album contains ten tracks in caps-lock titles that ostensibly describe various aspects of Western religions and divine rewards/punishments, such as “MEPHISTOPHELES” and “POLYTHEISM”. There’s also a feature from […]

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Ganz Feld – Unwise 2.0

Recommendation: ✂ (“Brain”, “Fatal Shadows”, “藕断丝连”, “Disconnected”) Released at the start of fall 2016 on the Canadian label Lost Angles,1 Unwise 2.0 is a half-hour of vaportrap by Ganz Feld that utilizes hypnagogic and ambient melodies. It expands on the artist’s 2015 six-track EP Unwise, which was released by Aloe City Records.2 Unwise 2.0 came out approximately ten months after […]

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