Recommendation: ☹ PZA is slightly-famous within vaporwave for putting out what seems like a new album per week for the past year – at least. That’s pretty cool: an artist who is so interested and active within the scene that he or she feels the need to constantly release new material and push their artistic expression to an almost absurd […]

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Cyber Dream Records releases “ウェーブライダー永遠に ! ! !” by WAVERIDER FM

This hyfy release is ウェーブライダー永遠に ! ! ! by WAVERIDER FM, out on Cyber Dream Records. If the album art is supposed to represent the music therein, then this one does pretty well: this is a crazy, kaleidoscopic album of vaporwave similar to death’s dynamic shroud.wmv’s I’ll Try Living Like This from 2015. ウェーブライダー永遠に ! ! ! is nineteen tracks […]

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