Question Records releases “SOIL 11​:​11AM” by Chalstonian

Question Records continues to expand from vapor-related music with SOIL 11​:​11AM by Chalstonian. This album is a sixteen track odyssey of experimental hip-hop music with some cyberpunky production qualities. Many songs (e.g. “Lacedjazz”) make use of an eclectic approach to samplism, often with additional distortion with broken transmission tendencies. The vocals are all samples from established rappers such as MF […]

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Sud Swap Audio Brewing releases “☄” by ◟(✿•͈ᴗ•͈)◞

Well there’s an alt-code that I haven’t seen before now. ☄ by ◟(✿•͈ᴗ•͈)◞ (an alias of maroplume) is fresh from Sud Swap Audio Brewing, the first release from the label since this April. ☄ is a short four-track EP of instrumental vaporhop music with lo-fi production, as if it were produced using the SNES sound pallet. Recommended for fans of […]

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AOTW | 6 June – 11 June: CVLTVRΣ – Virtual Life

We’re going classic-style on Sunbleach this week! Virtual Life is the debut album by CVLTVRΣ, who also produces as TASPO. Virtual Life is a mix between classic-style vaporwave and vaportrap music, mostly sampling from Japanese pop songs. As is the custom with CVLTVRΣ/TASPO releases, the production is is free from artifacts, so Virtual Life is a clear listening experience regardless […]

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