Basement Tapes releases the “CURATED VAPORWAVE VOL. 2” compilation

CURATED VAPORWAVE VOL. 2 is a new compilation released by Basement Tapes from Oklahoma, USA. This album collects fourteen tracks from various subgenres of vaporwave including vaportrap, hypnagogic drift, lo-fi hip-hop, and ambient vaporwave. Featured artists include BABEFAKE, PZA, Rangar, and E L E G A N Z. Listen for a smooth look into the Basement Tapes sound. It’s available […]

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Flamingo Vapor releases “VIDEO NIGHTS” by Digital Waifu

VIDEO NIGHTS is a hybrid of future funk and vaporhop music in eight tracks from Digital Waifu. This release is pretty much entirely instrumental with roots in Chicago house rather than the blatantly plunderphonics-esque French house scene. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download. Check it out below:   VIDEO NIGHTS by Digital Waifu 0

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Gradient Plaza – PLAZA

Recommendation: ☹ PLAZA by Gradient Plaza come out on 18 October 2016, making it the first album released through Oklahoma label Basement Tapes. This album contains twelve tracks of downtempo vaporhop music. Songs flow into each other, making the whole piece more of a twenty-four minute suite rather than twelve individual tracks. The album alternates between quiet ambient pieces and […]

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