Junk Maker Sounds releases “ベルベットの月明かり” by ベルベット73-95

Not long after the ベルベットの夏​+​EP is full-length vaporwave release ベルベットの月明かり from ベルベット73-95. This work continues the experiments on the previous album in late night lo-fi – with an emphasis on the “lo-fi”. Works consist of highly corrupted sample from pop music and adult contemporary with additional low-pass filters and equalization to sound – to borrow a previous simile – like […]

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Shikuramen Garden releases “Pambansang Tindahan” by NewEraDreaming

We’ve got some new stuff breaking from NewEraDreaming, one of the co-owners of the Flamingo Records label. Pambansang Tindahan is a fifteen-track concept album on Filipino culture. Tracks are constructed of short fragments of muzak, adult contemporary, and smooth jazz – very similar to old school vaporwave releases on Fortune 500. Some tracks (e.g. “Boulevard”) have reverb characteristic of mallsoft. […]

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Adhesive Sounds releases “ep5” by Ursula’s Cartridges

ep5 is a fresh full-length release from Ursula’s Cartridges now available on Adhesive Sounds. ep5 combines the sound collage nature of early plunderphonics and classic-style vaporwave tropes with instrumental hip-hop elements, making this sort of a glitchy cross between classic-style and vaporhop. Choice track is “goopdelahoop”. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $10 CAD on cassette. Check […]

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