Flamingo Vapor releases “Croft. (Special Edition)” by DJ SIEMENS電話

Croft. (Special Edition) is a concept album about the heroine from the Tomb Raider series of video games. It’s from the artist DJ SIEMENS電話, who’s been creating music for a couple of years now under the moniker. This album mixes classic-style vaporwave with vaportrap elements. Recommended for those who’d be curious if PZA collaborated with VitoJames from DMT Tapes FL. […]

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DMT Tapes FL releases “2001-2011” by 空間的論理とき ANIMAL OBSERVER

Gotta love MS Paint artwork. Microsoft’s decision to remove the program is a travesty. 2001-2011 is a full-length from 空間的論理とき ANIMAL OBSERVER through DMT Tapes FL. It’s twelve tracks of pure hypnagogic drift primarily constructed from pitch-/tempo-shifting existing samples of instrumental adult contemporary music, giving each song a drunken-vaporwave feeling that’ll appeal to fans of the label’s languid works. The […]

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DMT Tapes FL releases “Feeling 感情” by VirtualRealityDeluxe

Continuing what’s already been an exceptionally productive month for DMT Tapes FL is new music from VirtualRealityDeluxe. Feeling 感情 is a five-track EP (and the EP format is what this label specializes in releasing) of sample curation vaporwave that sources from adult contemporary sections. The samples are fairly upbeat with slight tempo-shifting to give it the slightly dreamy quality that […]

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