Seikomart releases “Aesthetic” by EMBA Soundsystem

Ah, the word “aesthetic”. A word that I can never read the same way again after being circumscribed to the world of vaporwave. Just kidding, vaporwave is awesome. Aesthetic is a new full-length release by EMBA Soundsystem that is freshly available through the Japanese label Seikomart. Aesthetic is a pure sample curation album that features reverbed music from instrumental smooth […]

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DMT Tapes FL releases “Dirty Odyssey” by V//Tomo

Returning to DMT Tapes FL is V//Tomo, a classic-style vaporwave producer who’s been releasing music for a few years now. Dirty Odyssey is a new full-length album of pure classic-style that utilizes some aspects of hip-hop turntablism. Tracks like “Too Much, Too Fast” (the choice track) are primarily slowed-down samples, but there are multiple tracks overlaid on top of each […]

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Bogus Collective releases “SkyWindR” by ウDaveナ

My original thought was that SkyWindR referenced SkyWind, the project to mod the Elder Scrolls game Morrowind with Skyrim graphics. I was wrong: turns out SkyWindR is about having the sky as a fetish. There’s something out there for everyone! ウDaveナ primarily utilizes ambient vaporwave/synth aesthetics with breakbeat-style production, similar to some of the fishvapor/fishdream music released through the Tetra […]

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