Seikomart releases “The ßlack Lodge” by ΔCID.rar

Seikomart is back with some new stuff from ΔCID.rar. The ßlack Lodge is one of those releases that barely straddles the line between classic-style and ambient vaporwave. This ten-track mini-album features extremely slowed-down and affected samples that create sort of a druggy, underground-clubby atmosphere. The cover art was created by ΔCID.rar and artist Sophie Maughan. Check it out if you’re […]

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Business Casual releases “卡拉OK♫スターダスト東風” by SAYOHIMEBOU

The Friday album release from Business Casual is out: this week’s is 卡拉OK♫スターダスト東風 by SAYOHIMEBOU (not sure at all how to pronounce that). This full-length is full of glitchy trip-hop music, vaporwave production styles, and old-school plunderphonics production. A bit harsh, but with the super-clear production that is unique of Business Casual releases. Have you ever heard of Phantomsmasher or […]

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☒ – 2612

Recommendation: ☀☁☁ 2612 by ☒1 begins with lo-fi computer music that perfectly aligns with the weirdness that is Swamp Circle. The Chicago label came about in 2012 toward the close of the “first wave” of vaporwave – after Macintosh Plus, 骨架的, and Daniel Lopatin had released their genre-defining works and Midnight Television, Mason Guerrero, and 18 Carat Affair had released […]

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