DMT Tapes FL releases “Casa Nueva Drive” by Zimzari

Casa Nueva Drive from Zimzari is another of the DMT Tapes FL pseudonymous projects. Rarely is more information provided upon these releases, which facilitates the unknown-persona vibe that characterized a substantial amount of vaporwave releases in 2011 and 2012. This album is a ten-track sample curation album that has some of the muffled, PA-esque production associated with mallsoft. Residence-spacesoft? Who […]

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Lost Angles releases “Badge of Honor” by Jack Mackrel & The Muddy Skids

Upon looking at the album title and artist name, I figured this would be another edition of “tumblewave” – a loose aesthetic of vaporwave that samples from country and western music instead of adult contemporary or muzak. Nope! Badge of Honor by Jack Mackrel & The Muddy Skids (available through Canadian label Lost Angles) certainly present itself with an American […]

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Sud Swap Audio Brewing releases “█▀█ █▀█” by patâgoniå

█▀█ █▀█ is the follow-up EP to █▀█ by patâgoniå, out on the Miami, FL label Sud Swap Audio Brewing. patâgoniå’s shtick is releasing clean-sounding hypnagogic drift that is thematically and visually inspired by the Patagonia brand of outdoor wear. █▀█ █▀█ is quite similar to the first EP; check it out for music that’s cleanly produced yet obfuscated in […]

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