Bludhoney Records to re-release “Overgrowth” by Oscob & Digital Sex this Friday

Originally release on the Dream Catalogue record label, Overgrowth – a collaboration between the artists Oscob and Digital Sex – is being re-released through Bludhoney Records this Friday, according to a post on the /r/vaporwave subreddit and on the label’s Facebook page yesterday afternoon. These “one-year anniversary cassettes” will be limited to an edition of fifty black tapes and fifteen […]

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音 LIGHT システム – Buy Milk

Recommendation: ☀☁☁ Buy Milk succeeds where many vaportrap albums fail: it’s charming. It’s not obnoxiously in-your-face like most of bl00dwave’s discography, not poppy/peppy like Blank Banshee, and certainly not aggressively hyped-up like most of 2016’s output thus far. Not that any of that is bad, of course! No, 音 LIGHT システム’s1 seventh full-length release is lively and free – and […]

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AOTW | July 11 – July 17: Midnight Television – Midnight Television [EP]

Midnight Television is one of the earliest and most well-known albums within the subgenre of late night lo-fi, which samples smooth jazz, radio, television, and muzak/easy listening sounds in an apolitical light meant to evoke the milieu of leaving one’s analogue television set on late at night. This short release founds its way to many a best-of vaporwave list/guide (including […]

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