AOTW | 30 May – 5 June: 骨架的 – Skeleton

The Album-of-the-Week for Sunbleach‘s inaugural week is the quintessential Skeleton by New York City producer 骨架的.1 One of the earliest albums of the vaporwave genre, Skeleton featured the extreme slowed-down samples that became nigh-ubiquitous with the scene, in addition to facilitating the aesthetic of East Asian influences in utilizing the Chinese Script in the eponym. A far cry from the utopian (or at least faking-it) styles of mainstream vaporwave, Skeleton is decidedly anti-kitsch, as demonstrated by the frequently unsettling “Sunset,” “Skeleton,” and “Glowing” – a milieu shared by Oneohtrix Point Never’s Replica and Chinese Hacker’s ░▒▓死▓▒░.

Although short – the whole album clocks in at ten tracks in less than twenty minutes – Skeleton is an exceptionally important and foundation-laying example of early vaporwave, and it paved the road for the equally influential Holograms later that year.

Check out Sunbleach‘s review of Skeleton here, and listen to the music below:


1… which also means “Skeleton.”


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