Cobalt Road – Venetian Blinds [EP]

Recommendation: ✂ (“Venetian Blinds”)

Venetian Blinds is a five-track extended-play of scintillating electronic music by Cobalt Road, a producer from the armpit of Florida, also known as Tallahassee.1 This is a downtempo future funk album – one that’s beat-driven, but without the FM-radio-on-adderall vibe of Saint Pepsi and similar artists. It’s a thoroughly unironic outlook on adult contemporary, eliciting nostalgia more than schadenfreude cringe humor; and the samples, frankly, make for an enjoyable listening experience. There are minor trap influences, as heard on the minor-melody “Insomnia” and closer “Turquoise.” It’s entirely instrumental with the exception of the title track, which drops a couple spoken-word appearances of the album’s eponym. There are no progressive production choices, no crazy delay effects, no washes of sound: just straightforward reminiscence of times gone by.



1. Scattered Showers – (2:58)
2. Suite Apartment – (3:32)
3. Insomnia – (3:18)
4. Venetian Blinds – (2:32)
5. Turquoise – (2:15)


1I lived in Tallahassee for six years, so I can’t help but be super curious as to whether or not I know this producer. I’m convinced that I must!


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