Unknown Artist – Question 4

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Unknown Artist’s1 thirty-minute single-track Question 4 is a dreampunk odyssey of vague sound and hazy electronic music that will fit the bill for anyone interested in exploring that curious region of mental awareness in between sleep and awake. It calls to mind the NASA Voyager Space Sounds as interpreted by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, whereby real-time electromagnetic data recorded by the Voyager I probe was converted in audio signatures. While that concept isn’t exactly what Unknown Artist is doing here, the results are the same: soundscapes that oscillate in the background, like modern-day furniture music, but interpreted by robots. There’s no climax, no rise-and-fall, no real progression: just murky, nebulous resonance.

Question 4 will fit well beside 仮想夢プラザ’s catalogue in the hypnagogic,1 surreal world of dreampunk and vapordrone.



1. Untitled – (31:05)


1What an excellently vapor-esque name, by the way.
2… in the definition of the word, not as in hypnagogic pop.


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