Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Vector Graphics’ Screen Service extended-play is classic late-night lo-fi: short tracks of processed, poor-fidelity slow jamz in a distinct apolitical light. This release is only six tracks long and eight minutes in length – shorter than even Midnight Television’s selt-titled. As with (unfortunately) most of these albums in the subgenre, the replay value is limited only because there’s not much to separate it from every other samplism/microsong album with early VHS aesthetic. That’s not to say the samples themselves don’t sound good – they do – there just isn’t much different here from, say, いすゞ・ピアッツァ ENTERPRISES.

That being said, this is perfect for shuffling on late-night playlists for exactly that reason: it’s entirely unoffensive background music for sexy nights in one’s penthouse suite on luscious just-laundered white sheets.1 It’s unessential in the sense that one does not need this release in order to fulfill their requisite vaporwave education,2 but at the very least it plays the game right.



1. TELECOM – (1:31)
2. BONES – (1:12)
3. MISTY EYES – (1:33)
4. VOYAGE – (1:20)
5. HIGH リフト – (1:34)3
6. FREE – (0:51)


1I think I just turned myself on.
2… especially since it’s being sold for €6.
3Japanese translation: “(Lift) High”


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