Lost Angles celebrates its first anniversary

Taken from this reddit post:

Hi Everyone!

One year ago myself and my dear friend Incarta95 had the idea to start up a vaporwave tape label. We started out with about 550 blank C90s and a dream. Our first release was Incarta95’s “s/t”, and on July 29th, 2015, we sold our first tape. From there, we strived to release tapes by artists that we absolutely loved. Inspired by Vito and DMT’s passion for the vast spectrum of the genre, we made it our goal to use the label as a medium to celebrate the many shades and styles that Vaporwave has contributed to in its short time of being established. We owe everything to this community, and I cannot stress that enough. The artists, the bloggers, the enthusiasts, the collectors, the other label owners, you have all had a massive impact on us and we wouldn’t be standing today if you all hadn’t been there to support us.

The artists I wish to thank for letting us release their incredible music are, in order of releases, Quick Brown Fox, DEIPHIX, 1996, Moth Chewing Gum, Trademarks And Copyrights, Newtype, Sunset Network 91, Vandelay Industries, C:DOSBOMB, Ganz Feld, LonelyRoboロボット, STΛQQ ƟVERFLƟ, Unknown Caller, Flutterboss, Paulene Hamasaki, Rad Dan, Chinese Hackers, Venture Capital, Waterfront Dining, Stevia Sphere, Dante Mars Ajeto!, Tech Girl, 3D Blast 爆風, 2047, 猫 シ Corp, 永遠の睡眠, 身元THIEF, 懐かし2002津波, PowerPC ME, High School Drama Teacher, Lamitina, Dan Mason, Windows 98の, JAVA.EXE, Cobalt Road, PZA, Aquasatan, YVNG JVNG, ÁLOM 醒, Luxury Elite, Scenebuild and Sour Gout. You have all given us music that we love, and get to spread to people who love it too. Thanks, all of you, for contributing to our growing catalog!

As for the labels, special thanks to DMT, Miami Health Spa, Commercial Dream Ltd, BLCR Labs, Ailanthus, Fortune 500 (by extension Null Religion), Bedlam Tapes and Antifur. You’ve shown incredibly kind solidarity among label owners working together to produce amazing things for amazing people.

As for the fans, I have no way of listing that so you’ve all been fantastic and continue to be fantastic! Thanks you all!

So what’s the future of Lost Angles? Well, we’re expanding into Baudway Video quite soon, using that as a platform to focus on VHS releases. Back at the base, I’ll be expanding my operations in a month or two to accommodate a larger system for all the dubbing, making sure everything can be done in an extremely quick manner. Expect new things to pop up as well, including Box Sets, Merch, Vinyl, and (potentially!) Surround Sound DVDs. 2016-2017 will be a very exciting year for us, and we can’t wait to share it will all of you!
All the love, through Systems, Peoples, and Cities to this place.

-Hex-A-Decimal and Incarta95, aka Lost Angles.


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