No Problema Tapes triple release: PZA, Off Land, and TREEREFLECTION

Chilean label No Problema Tapes announced a triple release yesterday: it’s BETTA FISH IN THE EMPORIUM by PZA, Slow Waves by Off Land, and OVERCAST by TREEREFLECTION. PZA’s album is the artist’s patented vaportrap, with a bit of a harder edge this time around than what has been on most of 2016’s releases. Check it out if you’ve been into Dream Catalogue’s stuff from the past six months. Off Land’s work is five tracks of ambient vaporwave, with all but one song being over twelve minutes in length; it’s quite headspacey, like early Brian Eno ambient installations. Finally, TREEREFLECTION’s work is only tangentially vaporwave; it is most accurately interpreted as straight dark ambient with vaporgoth presentation.

PZA’s album is available as a free digital download; the other two are pay-what-you-want digital downloads. Off Land’s album and TREEREFLECTION’s album are available on cassette in an edition of fifty for $8 per release; PZA’s is already sold out.

Check them all out below:



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