Dream Catalogue releases “Rain Temple” by 2814

The new release by 2814 – a collaboration between HKE and telepath – has dropped on the Dream Catalogue record. After being teased for almost two months through various tracks, snippets, and imagery; the long-awaited follow up to Birth of a New Day is out. As is 2814’s shtick, Rain Temple is ambient vaporwave with extreme periods of manipulation and digital effects. This time around, the production is bit darker – a bit heavier – in contrast to the ephemerality of the previous album. If 2814 were Massive Attack, then Rain Temple would be their equivalent to Mezzanine. It’s available for £4 as a digital download, £26 on 12″ transparent double-vinyl (edition of 1000), and £10 on CD. The cassette versions sold out in less than five minutes.

Check this album out below:



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