tech noir – 齐

Recommendation: ✂ (“實驗-B405”)

tech noir is a side project of 회사auto, one of the foremost artists in the convergence between vaporwave, IDM, and instrumental hip-hop. In contrast to the main project’s energy,1 this one is extremely ambient, with a preponderance of albums that utilize long, (mostly) wordless, beatless samples that evoke a cinematic feel, although the latter albums take considerable influence from the vaporgoth stylings of Chinese Hackers. is no different: this album is entirely soundtrack-esque samples with very little processing and editing after the fact.

Considering the surplus of works in the tech noir project, one can’t say that this one stands out all too well. The tracks are pretty, but the relative paucity of additional interpretation is conspicuous: there is little effect on the listener – other than admiring said prettiness. The songs don’t seem to have a point or cohesive factor, either in presentation, except for vague themes on the scientific process (e.g. “猜測 : 估計” means “Guess: Estimate”). Perhaps it’s meant to be a soundtrack to an imaginary lab? Who knows.

is delicate furniture music, but stick to the cuts on this one unless it’s really your kind of thing.



1. 概念 – (1:48)3
2. 理論— 估計 > – (1:48)4
3. 假設 > > > – (3:35)5
4. 實驗-A405 – (3:06)6
5. 猜測 : 估計 – (3:36)7
6. 數據-1a – (2:36)8
7. 實驗-B405 – (5:30)9
8. 猜測 : 返工。。。 – (1:06)10
9. 數據- 估計 : 2a – (1:36)11
10. 結論 :結果 – (6:06)12
11. 滿足科學家 – (0:12)13


2Chinese translation: “Together”
3Chinese translation: “Concept”
4Chinese translation: “Theory – Estimation >”
5Chinese translation: “Suppose >>>”
6Chinese translation: “Experiment A405”
7Chinese translation: “Guess: Estimate”
8Chinese translation: “Data-1a”
9Chinese translation: “Experiment B405”
10Chinese translation: “Guess – Rework…”
11Chinese translation: “Data – Estimation: 2a”
12Chinese translation: “Conclusion: Results”
13Chinese translation: “Meet the Scientist”


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