Infinity Frequencies – Computer Decay

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Computer Decay is the second part of Infinity Frequencies’ Computer concept trilogy, one of the first of its kind in signalwave, if not vaporwave as a whole. New listeners will immediately notice one big difference between this and previous installment Computer Death: it’s much shorter; only nineteen minutes long in comparison to Computer Death‘s thirty-eight. It also utilizes more samples with voices (e.g. “Forever” and “I Saw Her”) while keeping the trilogy’s large propensity toward classical music samples.1

Infinity Frequencies composed the vast majority of songs by taking tiny microsamples and pasting them in succession, typically adding a time-delay or other effect toward the end of the track before switching back to the unedited version. This method of production is a bit more obvious here than it is in the other Computer installments, especially toward the end of the album. Some may find that this breaks the immersion, as Infinity Frequencies’ music is made to elicit emotion (or the desire to feel emotion) rather than to punctuate editing techniques. The songs are forlorn (e.g. “Hologram”), and the tracks three through nine produce a gorgeous, haunting suite that is prematurely ended by the slowed-down vocal samples of “I Saw Her” that are a bit too close to standard vaporwave basso profundo. Those who enjoyed Computer Death should check this out, but it is not as heavy-hitting as the other two albums.



1. Forever – (0:42)
2. Traces – (0:43)
3. Fused – (1:50)
4. Hollow – (0:58)
5. Future Outlook – (1:03)
6. Forgotten – (0:55)
7. Falling Again – 91:11)
8. Hovering – (1:52)
9. Elegance – (1:00)
10. I Saw Her – (1:32)
11. Atrophy – (0:44)
12. Flesh – (1:06)
13. Serpent Statue – (0:47)
14. Ghosts – (1:06)
15. Sacrifice – (0:54)
16. Hologram – (1:29)
17. Absence – (0:51)
18. Watching – (1:04)


1Of particular mention are “Future Outlook,” “Elegance,” and “Ghost.”


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