atlas of fictional countries – III

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atlas of fictional countries1 utilizes ultra lo-fi sampling with highly audible tape hiss, crackle, and more on the III extended-play; one of the many projects that have come out of the Telepathic Data Storage project/label. The samples themselves aren’t all that interesting – just your standard muzak with a hint of smooth jazz – but the presentation and evocation of the eighties as some ancient era ripe for digital archaeologists is impressive, giving III a bit of flavor to call its own despite its fifteen-minute run-time. Consider this a sister-EP to 103.67 FM by Spirit #67, another work released under Telepathic Data Storage.



1. instructional video – (1:39)
2. elite – (2:36)
3. late night cruising – (2:33)
4. good evening (interlude) – (1:58)
5. sunset drive – (2:09)
6. culture – (2:24)
7. sunset drive pt. 2 – (1:49)

In August 2016, the Telepathic Data Storage record label deleted their entire discography, which unfortunately means that there are no embed links for bandcamp or other streaming services. However, listeners may access III and other albums from the label by following this link.


1Stylized (and intentionally misspelled?) as “atlast of fictional countries.”


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