Recommendation: ✂ (“恒星間ハイウェイ”)

COSMIC漂流1 is a three track extended-play of old-school hypnagogic pop and samplism vaporwave from TOYOTAセリカ.2 As can be imagined from the presentation, each track has a space/car theme. The first – and shortest – track begins as a standard slowed jam but quickly degrades into a computer-twinkle outro. It’s unexpected, and quite pleasant as a listening experience and as a “huh, I haven’t heard that before.” Unfortunately, the other tracks are simple cut/paste and tempo-shift – most egregiously “彗星を共連れ.” Give that first one a listen and add; ignore the other two.



1. 恒星間ハイウェイ – (1:41)3
2. 彗星を共連れ – (4:18)4
3. グローブボックス内星雲 – (5:01)5

[This album could not be found on streaming services upon publication of this review. It may be accessed through numerous vaporwave media guides, including the Ultra Guide.]


1Japanese translation: “Toyota Celica”
2Japanese translation: “Cosmic drifting”
3apanese translation: “Interstellar highway”
4Japanese translation: “Tailgating a comet”
5Japanese translation: “Glove box in the nebula”


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