No Problema Tapes exclusive cassette-only double release: Phoenix #2772 and MAXELL カセットテープ & ラ・ブルーgirl

No Problema Tapes has issued two albums exclusively on cassette: Experience by Phoenix #2772 and 永遠の愛 by MAXELL カセットテープ & ラ・ブルーgirl. Both of these albums were previously released on other labels or self-released by the artist, but this is the first time that either have been available on cassette through No Problema Tapes. Both of the albums feature new artwork on double-sided J-cards; the cassettes themselves are clear with metallic blue foil and silver foil (respectively). They are available for $8 per cassette in mutual editions of fifty.

For more information, head over to No Problema Tapes here and here.


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