Contact Lens – Ice in tha Veins

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I almost didn’t take this one seriously based on the album artwork alone. That’s – wow. That’s some serious WordArt shit right there. I’m legitimately impressed; it’s got that amateur quality down pat, and it reminds me of spending so much time back in elementary school trying out different themes for papers.1

This is reflected in the music: Ice in tha Veins is twenty-seven tracks2 of instrumental vaporhop with a seriously ironic neophyte vibe. It’s impressive from the production aspect: when listening to this album, one isn’t quite sure if they’re listening to an actual amateurish album, or if it’s just been produced that way. Naturally, those who aren’t as inclined in listening to such releases will instantly be turned off by it,3 but those who enjoy the self-awareness of this release will enjoy its crude g-funk-gone-corporate sound. That being said, at almost an hour in length, this is a long album, and it almost certainly could’ve been improved by cutting ten or twelve tracks from the final product.

The best songs are the short J Dilla-esque snapshots of beats and business, such as “GOT THAT ITCH” and “ALL DARK.” “WHAT I’VE SEEN” utilizes the “ay bay-bay” chorus from the eponymous song by Hurricane Chris – something that will be instantly recognized by anyone whose adolescence was in the mid-2000s. “Luxurious” is a corporate stock song instrumental that’s quite good, but ends in the cliché slowed-down/sped-back-up style that breaks the illusion for anyone who’s listened to more than a few vaporwave albums. “I WANNA DIE PT. 1” has slowed-down rapping, one of the only songs that features such.

Check out Ice in the Veins if amateur fidelity mixed with vaporhop sounds like your cup of contact lens solution.



1. VEINS REAL COLD – (1:46)
2. 2 THA DAWN – (2:21)
3. DON’T ADJUST – (1:39)
4. ALL DARK – (1:40)
5. BUSINESS – (1:16)
6. GOT THAT ITCH – (1:39)
7. MAINTAIN – (1:34)
8. EXTRA RICH – (2:27)
9. U NEED 2 ACT – (1:09)
10. I WANNA DIE PT. 1 – (2:29)
11. ONLY IN THA A.M. – (2:27)
12. SMCSH – (1:25)
13. DROP THEM SEEDS – (2:58)
14. FROM THA GET GO – (2:32)
15. DAYZ – (1:18)
16. TAKE PLACE – (1:10)
17. 1999-Y2K – (2:29)
18. DROP MINE – (3:35)
19. WHITE THORN – (2:48)
20. ASH – (1:51)
21. COLLECT – (1:42)
22. INFAMOUS – (1:48)
23. WHAT I’VE SEEN – (1:55)
24. I WANNA DIE PT. II – (1:58)
26. LUXURIOUS – (5:33)
27. MOVE (OUTRO) – (1:32)


1The chrome one was my favorite, and it’s through WordArt that I discovered what the word “gradient” means.
2Wowzers, Batman.
3Me included. I can’t do it, even ironically.


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  • personally, i like that you can share your opinions without fear of backlash, so i won’t even try to change your mind! (either way this review was made over a year ago…)

    myself, i adore this album and all of Contact Lens’ output, because simply put, i love the catchy beats of people like Nujabes, Dilla, and LUM, so i’m already into it. but as a 2000s kid, it just carries this air of kidpix, hanging out with friends at recess, etc. and it’s so bittersweet for some reason, even the classic-style “VEINS REAL COLD” works its way into my thoughts here and there..! so yeah i just wanna share my viewpoint because i like to talk-type


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