AIR Japan – Summer of Love

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

AIR Japan’s Summer of Love extended-play is hyperactive vaporhop – a big difference from the avant-garde side with which TKX Vault is typically associated. This release is a short nine tracks in ten minutes, with ultra-smooth/ultra-light songs that recall the multifaceted instrumental microsong utilized by artists such as J Dilla. There are a couple particular highlights in the stereo static of “Friends” and the airy distortion of “Nuked.” However, it’s way too short, and some listeners may find that Summer of Love does not give enough time for its songs to fully develop (and dubiously worth its £2.83 pricetag). It’s a fun little ditty; just wish it pushed further in its sound through longer tracks or more of them.



1. 1987 – (1:16)
2. Yeah – (0:56)
3. Gathering – (1:37)
4. Nostalgic – (1:30)
5. Mmm – (0:40)
6. Nuked – (1:22)
7. Coke – (0:48)
7. Sextape – (1:31)
9. Friends – (0:55)


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