Vision Girl – デッドデッドデッドデッド

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

デッドデッドデッドデッド1 is a nine-track extended-play and the second release from the broken transmission project Vision Girl. In contrast to the chaotic Y.2089-esque film score sampling of Film Noir and the classical music screw of Amare sanguinem, this album is entirely ambient music , signalwave piano samples, and tape-degrade overlays. It’s the most reserved album of the Vision Girl project, having more in common with early Infinity Frequencies than テレビ体験.

As with TKX Vault colleague AIR Japan on Summer of Love, Vision Girl’s biggest fault concerning デッドデッドデッドデッド is sheer lack of time. At barely fourteen minutes in length, it’s already over before it’s begun, and it makes one interpret the snippets of music as unfinished ideas that were released far too early than a necessary release for one’s discography. THE DARKEST FUTURE did the same style better on ????????, which prominently featured bits of acoustic music juxtaposed against dark, decrepit backgrounds, simply due to the songs being longer. Were デッドデッドデッドデッド to have more tracks that explored this hazy confluence of ambiance – again, similar to Infinity Frequencies’ production style – then it would be more arresting and give more time for its subtly unsettling pieces to work their magic.

Instead, デッドデッドデッドデッド comes off a bit more like an album literally half-finished, as if we’re missing another nine tracks. The songs themselves aren’t bad, but in the wake of more gratifying albums such as ????????, it simply does not feel as crucial to one’s signalwave and “nightmare vaporwave”2 experience.



1. シネマティック気持ち – (0:57)3
2. より深い憎しみ – (1:32)4
3. ペシミスティック – (1:35)5
4. 内側の悪魔 – (1:55)6
5. 呪われた幽霊ドリー – (1:48)7
6. ファンタジア生まれ天使 – (1:44)8
7. 心のロマンス – (1:09)9
8. 幽霊を喪 – (1:48)10
9. 当事者損霊の並置 – (1:37)11


1Japanese translation: “dead dead dead dead”
2As per the bandcamp tag.
3Japanese translation: “Cinematic feeling”
4Japanese translation: “Deeper hatred”
5Japanese translation: “Pessimistic”
6Japanese translation: “Inside of the devil”
7Japanese translation: “Cursed ghost dolly”
8Japanese translation: “Fantasia born angel”
9Japanese translation: “Heart of romance”
10Japanese translation: “Mourning the ghost”
11Japanese translation: “Party loss/Juxtapostion of the Spirit”


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